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Donor Compensation

Egg donors with Wisconsin Fertility Institute are eligible to receive $5000 per cycle to compensate them for their time and effort. Egg donors are eligible to complete a maximum of six donation cycles at Wisconsin Fertility Institute, for a total maximum compensation of $30,000. Egg donation compensation is considered to be taxable income and will need to be reported on tax returns. Please visit this link to learn more about the Egg Donor Class Action lawsuit – http://www.eggdonorclassaction.com.

WFI egg donors receive compensation checks at a follow up appointment after donation cycle is complete. In the event that a donation cycle is cancelled mid-way through, egg donors are eligible to receive partial compensation, based upon the following pro-rated schedule:

Level of Completion

Percentage Payment

Completion of cycle up to starting injections


Completion of ovulation induction


Completion of egg retrieval


Completion of post-retrieval follow-up