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Egg Donation: Step-By-Step

We know the egg donation process can be complicated and confusing. Here is a simple overview of the steps involved with becoming an egg donor at Wisconsin Fertility Institute.

If you have any questions after reviewing this information, please feel free to contact us at 608-824-0075.


Step 1: Complete the online application

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor with Wisconsin Fertility Institute, you should complete an online application. Please make sure to answer all questions honestly and thoroughly. We will keep you updated via email regarding the status of your application. We try to review all applications within one week of submission. Please feel free to call us to inquire about the status of your application if it’s been longer than one week since you submitted.


Step 2: Have your medical records sent to us

After you complete your online application, we will email you to ask for your medical records. You will need to contact your healthcare provider and request that your medical records be forwarded to us for review. You may need to sign an authorization form with your healthcare provider in order for them to send us your records. They can send records to us via fax or mail.


Step 3: Come into WFI for an interview

After your online application and medical records have been reviewed, we will invite you to come into our clinic to meet with our staff and learn more about the egg donation process. This interview will take about one hour. At this visit, we will review your application and answer any questions you have about being a donor. We may ask you to complete a blood test during this visit to evaluate how well you may respond as an egg donor.


Step 4: Officially enter the WFI donor pool

If the interview goes well and your blood work and application are acceptable, we will invite you to enter into our egg donor pool. If you decide to enter our pool, your anonymous profile will be made available for WFI patients to view. While you are in our pool, we ask that you keep us updated regarding your contact information and medical history. Your profile will remain active in the pool until you turn 30 or until you decide to remove yourself from the pool.


Step 5: Match with a WFI patient

At some point while you are in the pool, a WFI patient may decide that they want to choose you as an egg donor. If a WFI patient asks to match with you, we will call you to confirm that you wish to move forward with a donation cycle. We will confirm your availability so we can take into account any scheduling conflicts you may have.


Step 6: Complete additional medical screening and start birth control

If you decide that you do wish to move forward, we will schedule you for additional screening tests. First, you will come into WFI for a more thorough medical screening, including an ultrasound, physical exam, and additional blood tests. You will meet with a local psychologist for a psychological evaluation.

At this point, you will start birth control pills if you are not already taking them.


Step 7: Sign legal agreement and treatment consent

Before beginning treatment, you will sign a legal agreement and a medical treatment consent form. The legal agreement outlines your responsibilities as a donor and protects you against responsibility for any child born as a result of your donation cycle. The consent form will describe the procedures that you will undergo as part of your donation cycle and present any medical risks you should be aware of.


Step 8: Begin treatment

After initial screening results are back and the legal and consent forms are signed, you are ready to begin treatment. Treatment will last around two weeks and will require approximately seven visits to WFI. When instructed, you will stop taking birth control pills and come into WFI every two to three days for an ultrasound and blood test. The first ultrasound appointment will last about an hour, while the rest of the visits should take closer to fifteen minutes.

During these two weeks, you are required to give yourself (or have someone else give you) daily injections. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to administer the medications. In the event that you run into a problem while in treatment, you can always contact our 24-hour answering service that will allow you speak with a medical staff member at our clinic any time, day or night.

At the end of the two weeks, you will have your egg retrieval procedure. This procedure is done under sedation, so we require that you have a driver with you to ensure that you get home safely. This procedure will require you to be at our clinic for about four hours, and you should plan to take entire day off from work or school.


Step 9: Return for a follow up appointment and receive payment

We will contact you by phone the day after the retrieval to make sure that you are feeling okay. We will typically have you come back one to two weeks after the retrieval for a follow up appointment. At this visit, you will have one last ultrasound to make sure that you are recovering well. You will receive your donor compensation check at this time.


Step 10: Re-enter the donor pool and complete additional donation cycles

If everything went well during your cycle, we will invite you to stay in our donor pool. If you decide that you want to remain in our pool, we will make your profile available again to WFI patients. As before, we will keep you updated regarding any interest in your profile. As a successful donor, you will be eligible to complete a maximum of six donation cycles at WFI.