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Cyst Aspiration

Cyst Aspiration is a procedure to remove the fluid from a cyst in the ovary. This is done in place of surgery if it is suspected that that the cyst is from hormones you are given rather than cancer. An ultrasound is used to tell if a cyst is cancerous.

Before the Test

  • Make sure your bladder is empty
  • About 30 minutes before the test:
    • Take 800 mg of Motrin (Ibuprofen) OR 500 mg of Tylenol

What to Expect

 The first thing we will do is place a vaginal ultrasound probe in your vagina. This will allow us to look at your uterus and ovaries. Once the probe is removed, a speculum will take its place. Numbing medicine will be carefully injected into your vagina at the spot where we expect to place the needle. When this is finished, the speculum will be removed and replaced again with the ultrasound probe. At this time, a thin needle will be passed across the vagina, inserted into the cyst, and the contents removed. You may feel some discomfort at this time.


  • Sterile equipment is used to minimize the risk of infection.
  • A slight risk of bleeding is possible
  • Very rarely, there is also a risk of damage to the organs of the pelvis.

After the Procedure

Some bleeding and cramping are common following the procedure. The cramping should completely subside within about 10 minutes. You will also be given antibiotics to decrease your risk of infection.


The cyst will disappear as the procedure is performed. The fluid removed from the cyst will be sent to pathology for a final cancer check. You will have results within a week.

When to Call the Doctor

Call immediately if you experience:

  • Cramping lasting longer than one hour
  • Bleeding that fills more than one pad per hour
  • Fever of 100°F or higher or chills