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Golytely Before Surgery

Golytely will help to empty your bowels, in an effort to increase the safety of surgery.

Day Before Surgery

  • Refrain from eating any solid food after lunch
  • Only drink clear liquids, this includes Golytely, until midnight
  • Refrain from eating or drinking anything after midnight (this includes gum, candy, and ice chips)

Directions for Golytely

  1. Take Reglan® about 30 minutes before you start the Golytely. This will decrease the chance of cramping you might experience with the Golytely.
  2. Mix a gallon, 64 ounces, of water with the powder you are given. Begin drinking the mixture at noon the day before surgery.
  3. Drink 4-8 ounces every 15-30 minutes.
  4. Drink until your stools are clear.

Tips to Taking Golytely

Adding Crystal Light powder to Golytely as well as drinking it cold and with a straw gives it a better taste. (preferred flavors are orange or cherry)

Day of Surgery

  • Refrain from eating or drinking anything
  • Brushing your teeth is allowed, but do not swallow any liquid

What to Expect

Diarrhea is likely to occur about 30 minutes after you start drinking the Golytely. Do not start drinking while at work or a place where you don’t have easy access to a restroom. The diarrhea will continue during the night until your stools become mostly clear.  Cramping may also occur.


Dehydration is the main risk. The fluids you have lost will be replaced during surgery.

Call immediately if you are experiencing:

  • Your bowels not emptying
  • Vomiting