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Office Hysteroscopy

Office Hysteroscopy is a procedure that looks inside the uterus with a tiny (3mm) telescope. Scar tissue or very small polyps within the uterus can be removed during this procedure. If you choose to, you will be able to watch the test as it is done.

Before the Test

  • About 30 minutes before the test:
    • Take 800 mg of Motrin (Ibuprofen) OR 500 mg of Tylenol
  • It is not routine to give IV pain medication, but is an option
  • Arrive at the office with a partially full bladder. You will be given a urine pregnancy test before the procedure. You should empty your bladder after you have left a urine sample for the test.

What to Expect

The first thing we will do is place a speculum in your vagina. At times, a small instrument to grasp the uterus may be used, causing slight cramps to occur.  The telescope will then be placed into your uterus, which may cause discomfort. If necessary, at this point scar tissue or very small polyps can be removed. This part of the procedure rarely causes discomfort, but if it does, we will stop the procedure immediately.


We use sterile equipment to minimize the risk of infection.

A slight risk of bleeding is possible but not likely.

Very rarely, there is also a risk of damage to the organs of the pelvis.

After the Test

Some bleeding and cramping are common following the procedure. The cramping should  completely subside within about 10 minutes. You will also be given antibiotics to decrease your risk of infection.


You will see results as the test is performed.

When to Call the Doctor

Call immediately if you experience:

  • Cramping lasting longer than one hour
  • Bleeding that fills more than one pad per hour
  • Fever of 100°F or higher or chill