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Sonohysterogram or SHG

A Sonohysterogram or SHG (days 5-12 of cycle) is an ultrasound that is done while instilling sterile water into the uterus. This procedure allows us to get a better view of the inside of the uterus compared to normal ultrasounds. During the procedure, we look for polyps or fibroids, (non-cancerous growths), that may reduce pregnancy chances or cause irregular vaginal bleeding.

Before the Test

  • About 30 minutes before the test – take 800 mg of Motrin (Ibuprofen) OR 1000 mg of Tylenol
  • You will be given a urine pregnancy test when you arrive. Empty your bladder after you have left a sample for the test.

The first thing we will do is place a vaginal ultrasound probe in your vagina. This probe will take a look at your uterus and ovaries. Following that, we will insert a speculum into your vagina and pass a tiny tube into your uterus. This part of the procedure may cause some cramping.

The speculum will then be removed and the ultrasound probe re-inserted. While looking with the ultrasound probe, we will inject a small amount of sterile water into your uterus which may cause minor discomfort.


Sterile equipment is used to minimize the risk of infection. We will also give you antibiotics to take after the procedure. Some bleeding may occur.

After the Test

Fluid discharge and some bleeding from the vagina are common after the procedure. Minor cramping usually lasts only about 10 minutes.


Results will be available right away, either during or just after the test.

When to Call the Doctor

Call immediately if you experience:

  • Cramping lasting longer than one hour
  • Bleeding that fills more than one pad per hour
  • Fever of 100°F or higher or chills