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Micro In-Vitro Fertilization (MicroIVF)

Minimal stimulation IVF (also known as Mini IVF or Micro IVF) offers infertile couples an alternative to traditional IVF. Micro IVF differs from standard IVF by:

  • Fewer and less expensive medication
  • Less monitoring and laboratory work resulting in less costs
  • Less time commitment

Pregnancy rates may be lower with Micro IVF, but some couples still choose this method due to its other benefits.

Who is a candidate for MicroIVF?

The best candidates are young couples with no fertility issues aside from damaged or absent fallopian tubes (for example, women who have had a tubal ligation). Other good candidates include couples who conceive easily but have had multiple ectopic pregnancies.

How is MicroIVF done?

On day 3 of your menstrual cycle, you will begin stimulation of the ovaries with a high dose of Femara (an oral medication), followed by a small dose of Follistim (an injectable medication) a few days later. You will take these medications for a total of 8 days. On day 11 of your cycle, you will undergo an ultrasound exam. A decision will be made whether to continue the cycle and, if so, when to stop the medication. When these medications are stopped, the Ovidrel injection is administered by injection. Thirty five hours later an egg retrieval is performed, and is continued until a maximum of 5 oocytes are retrieved. This is done with minimal anesthesia (an injection of narcotics) and no IV line. The oocytes are taken to the laboratory and fertilized. On day 2 or 3 of the embryo’s growth, the embryos are transferred into your uterus. Oral estrogen and vaginal progesterone (Crinone) are used daily thereafter, and a pregnancy test is performed in two weeks.

How successful is MicroIVF?

In couples that fit the profile stated above, pregnancy rates are as high as 30% per attempt.

How can I elect to have MicroIVF?

Simply ask your doctor about this when discussing treatment options for IVF. This can occur at any time prior to establishing your IVF treatment plan.