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Ovulation Induction

The Wisconsin Fertility Institute uses a wide variety of medications and techniques to treat women with difficulty ovulating. The goals of such treatments are to produce regular, predictable ovulation while maximizing chances of conception , all at affordable prices. To achieve this, WFI has been at the forefront of research establishing optimal drug type and dosage, as well as appropriate monitoring techniques to improve timing of treatments.

Additionally, the physicians at WFI frequently utilize these methods to enhance the chances of conception in women who already ovulate but can benefit from multiple ovulations each month. Examples include couples with unexplained infertility, women with significant scar tissue in their pelvis, and women with only one Fallopian tube.

While many fertility centers devote most or all of their attention to the most high tech, expensive (and profitable) procedures, we believe that aggressive treatments with low-cost options used in an optimally efficient manner are most beneficial to our patients. More than 80% of the couples that present to our center achieve pregnancy with these simple, safe, inexpensive treatment plans.