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Third-Party Reproduction

Wisconsin Fertility Institute provides caring and comprehensive services for third-party reproduction. We maintain a list of approved sperm donation banks, and we work with approved surrogacy and gestational carrier services. Our Egg Donation Program and our Embryo Donation Program offer expert reproduction and fertility services.

Egg Donation

We offer a variety of options for patients who wish to utilize an egg donor. While most egg donation cycles are anonymous, known donation arrangements are possible as well.


Embryo Donation

Through the Embryo Donation Program at Wisconsin Fertility Institute, we provide enhanced fertility services for our patients. The program offers both known donation and anonymous donation options.


Sperm Donation

Couples and singles alike may choose to use anonymous or known donor sperm. Patients can secure donor sperm by ordering through a sperm bank or by choosing someone they know to act as their sperm donor. 


Surrogates and Gestational Carriers

Surrogates and Gestational Carriers Patients who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term may be interested in utilizing a gestational carrier or surrogate.