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Sperm Bank Information

Patients who wish to use anonymous donor sperm need to select a commercial sperm bank, order their specimens, and arrange for their payment and shipment to our laboratory. The Wisconsin Fertility Institute will only accept and store semen specimens from sperm banks that have been accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) or have been licensed by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). Such accreditation assures us that these banks meet specific minimal standards for disease screening and semen quality.

The following is a list of commercial sperm banks that WFI has approved for patient use. There are many other sperm banks available, and you may use them as long as you can provide us with documentation that they are accredited by the AATB or are licensed by the New York State Department of Health. We must receive this documentation and approve the sperm bank before we will use the sperm. If this documentation is not provided, we can only retain your samples in our laboratory for up to 3 weeks before returning them to the sperm bank. Please be aware that this policy is for your protection and for the protection of all other WFI patients; we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you.


Biogenetics Corp & The Sperm Bank of New Jersey Fertility Cryobank
Phone:  800-637-7776 Phone: 323-965-7500
Fax: 908-232-2114 Fax: 323-965-0900
Web-site: www.sperm1.com Website: www.growinggenerations.com
Email: family@growinggenerations.com
California Cryobank, Inc. New England Cryogenic Center, Inc.
Phone: 866-927-9622 Phone: 800-991-4999
Fax:866-625-7336 Fax: 617-244-6659
Web-site:  www.cryobank.com Web-site: www.necryogenic.com
Email: info@necryogenic.com
Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc. Pacific Reproductive Services
Phone:  800-466-2796 Phone: 888-469-5800
Fax: 651-489-8989 Fax: 415-863-4358
Web-site: www.cryolab.com Web-site:  www.pacrepro.com
E-ail: info@cryolab.com Email: info@pacrepro.com
The Sperm Bank of California Reproductive Resources, Inc.
Phone: 510-841-1858 Phone:  800-227-4561
Fax: 510-841-0332 Fax:  504-885-3932
Web-site: www.thespermbankofca.org Web-site: www.reproductiveresources.com
Cryo Laboratory of the Jones Institute Cryogam Colorado, Inc.
Phone:  757-451-6200 Phone:  800-473-9601
Web-site:  www.jonesinstitute.org Web-site:  www.cryogam.com

Xytex Corporation


Seattle Sperm Bank & European Sperm Bank USA

Phone:  800-277-3210 Phone: 206-588-1484 or 800-709-1223
Fax: 706-736-9720 Fax: 206-588-1485
Web-site:  www.xytex.com Web-site: www.europeanspermbankusa.com
E-mail:  xytex@xytex.com Web-site: www.seattlespermbank.com
Email: info@seattlespermbank.com
NW Cryobank  Fairfax Cryobank
Phone: 1-800-786-5251  Phone: 888-279-4052
Fax: 1-509-232-0145  Fax: 703-698-3933
Web-site: https://www.nwcryobank.com  Website: https://www.fairfaxcryobank.com



Ordering Samples:

To begin the selection process either go to the bank’s web-site or call the bank, and they will send you information and a donor catalog. Policies and procedures are different for each bank; please be sure you understand the bank’s policies.

Things to check:

  1. Genetic testing: if genetic tests have been completed, be sure that you understand all of the results. An example might be the donor’s carrier status for the Cystic Fibrosis gene. Call the sperm bank or the clinical staff at Wisconsin Fertility if you have further questions.
  2. Infectious disease testing: infectious disease testing should always be negative except for the Cytomegalovirus (CMV) immune status of the donor. This infection is similar to the common cold, but could have severe consequences for the baby if you become infected in the first trimester of your pregnancy.  You could either be screened for your immunity to CMV (if you are immune, it is safe to work with a CMV positive donor), or you can choose a CMV negative donor.

When making your selection, the following might be useful:

  1. You will be ordering the washed or IUI prepared semen.
  2. Ask what the banks return policy is on unused specimens.
  3. Ask if they will reserve specimens for a future pregnancy.
  4. If the bank requires forms for the physician to sign, these must be completed before inseminations can be performed.
  5. The person’s name on the invoice when we receive the sperm will be the person who the sperm will be assigned to at our office.  Please make sure the correct name is on the invoice, as we want the correct sample going to the correct person.

Shipment Instructions:

When you have selected both bank and donor, you will need to arrange for shipment to us at:

Wisconsin Fertility Institute
3146 Deming Way
Middleton WI 53562

Specimens should be shipped in a liquid nitrogen charged container designed specifically for this purpose. The specimens must be delivered prior to 3 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. Deliveries will not be accepted on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. Specimens should be delivered at least one week before planned use.

Storage Fees:

The cost for sperm storage is $400 per year or $55 per month. The billing sequence begins the first day of the month after the sperm is received.


If you have any questions, please call us at 608-824-0075.