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We provide caring and comprehensive services for third-party reproduction, working with approved sperm donation banks and surrogacy/gestational carrier organizations. We also maintain an active egg and embryo donation program.

We offer a variety of options for patients who wish to utilize an egg donor. While most egg donation cycles are anonymous, known donation arrangements are possible as well. Egg donors can be selected from our internal anonymous egg donor pool or through an outside egg donor agency’s pool. Patients can also choose someone they know, such as a family member or friend, to serve as an egg donor.

Thank you for your interest in the Anonymous Egg Donor Program at the Wisconsin Fertility Institute. Here is an overview of the steps involved with moving forward with a cycle with a WFI egg donor. Please let us know if you have any questions. Our staff is here to assist and guide you along the way as you work to build your family!

The first step in the process is meeting with one of our providers to see if egg donation is right for you. At this consult, your medical history will be reviewed as well as any past treatments you have used in your fertility care. At this visit, the provider will give you a list of labs that must be completed prior to starting the IVF anonymous egg donor cycle.

When you have decided that you want to move forward with an egg donor cycle, you will be given information on how to view the donor profiles online. Donors have included pictures of themselves as children for your review. To protect anonymity, we do not have adult pictures of our donors available.

All of our donors are non-smokers between the ages of 21 and 30. They have all received detailed information about the process, appointments, and responsibility required for a successful egg donor cycle. The donor profiles are comprehensive in their review of the donor’s personal, medical, and family history. All donors have been tested for their ovarian reserve with blood tests or they have donated before and are known to be quality egg donors. Our donor profiles are also screened by our medical staff prior to being included in the pool.

Once you have selected an egg donor, you must fill out the donor match form and forward it to the donor coordinator. The donor coordinator will contact the egg donor to confirm that she is available to participate in an IVF cycle. If the donor confirms that she is available, you will need to make the initial payment. Then, you and the donor will sign a legal contract outlining the rights and responsibilities of both parties. If you want to have your own legal counsel review this contract, you are free to do so.

On average, at least a dozen other patients are viewing egg donors at the same time as you. If you are interested in an egg donor, the ONLY way to secure that you will be matched with her is to fill out our donor match form and provide the first payment for the cycle. The donor match form is available on our website. The demand for egg donors is high and the number and availability of egg donors can vary widely.

During the egg donor selection process, you will be in touch with someone from our financial department to discuss cycle payment. All costs associated with the donor from the point you are matched with her onward will be applied to your account. You payment is due in two installments. The first payment (when you apply to match with a donor), will cover the legal contract, psychological evaluation, and medical screening of the donor. The second payment, which will cover the cycle costs, will be collected at the treatment plan visit. Costs for medications are additional and will be paid directly to the pharmacy.

After signing the legal contract, the donor will meet with a licensed psychologist for her psychological evaluation. The purpose of this visit is for an outside party to evaluate the donor’s suitability for egg donation in terms of her mental health.

When the donor has signed her legal contract and completed the psychological evaluation appointment, she will come in to our office for a medical screening visit. At this appointment, she will have a full physical examination, lab work, and meet with one of our providers and the donor coordinator to review the process of an egg donor cycle.

As the Intended Parent, once you have completed your required labs and the results are received here, you will need a treatment plan visit with one of our providers. At this visit, the provider will review all of your test results, the results of the donor’s testing, and discuss the exact protocol you will be following during the cycle. At this visit, your second payment is due and we will arrange your prescriptions and discuss dates and timing of the cycle.

Egg Donation FAQs – Intended Parents

If your testing was completed at the Wisconsin Fertility Institute, we will contact you when the results are in and you can come in for your treatment plan visit. If your testing was done elsewhere, call us and we can help you get the results sent or faxed to our office. Once we have received the results, you can set up your treatment plan visit.

Review ALL medications with the donor coordinator or your physician. Many medications are ok to continue, but we do want to review everything you are taking.

This can be difficult to determine. Day one is considered the first day you see flow. Spotting does not count. If you are not using a pad or tampon, then it is not day one yet. If you are unsure of timing, give us a call and we will help you figure it out!

Level of Completion
Completion of cycle up to starting injections
Completion of ovulation induction
Completion of oocyte retrieval
Completion of post-operative check up

Percentage Payment

When we call in your original prescription, we also call in several refills. Simply contact the pharmacy from where you received your original prescription and they will mail out more medications. Some pharmacies do not deliver on the weekends, so if you will need more medication on Saturday or Sunday, keep that in mind.

Progesterone: Twice daily and as consistent as possible.
Estrogen/Estrace: Twice daily and as consistent as possible.

Please see the Medication Storage Fact Sheet in your IVF folder for a complete listing of medications and instructions.

Any medications besides the ones we are prescribing should be cleared by one of our staff. Please review all medications you take with us. Tylenol and Benadryl products are ok to use during the cycle. Ephedrine based medications should be avoided.

There is no evidence to suggest that sexual activity affects outcomes for any of your fertility treatments.

Through the Embryo Donation Program at Wisconsin Fertility Institute, we provide enhanced fertility services for our patients. The program offers both known donation and anonymous donation options. Patients may choose to donate an embryo to a family member or specific intended parent, or they may donate embryos anonymously. The caring expertise of our specialists are with you at every step of this program.

Embryo Adoption Agencies

Due to the high demand of our in-house embryo donation program, we currently have an extensive waitlist. So, we’re proud to partner with various outside agencies to accelerate our patients’ fertility journey. We invite you to explore these agencies below, and to contact us for more information.

Patients who wish to use anonymous donor sperm need to select a commercial sperm bank, order their specimens, and arrange for their payment and shipment to our laboratory. The Wisconsin Fertility Institute will only accept and store semen specimens from sperm banks that have been accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) or have been licensed by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). Such accreditation assures us that these banks meet specific minimal standards for disease screening and semen quality.

The following is a list of commercial sperm banks that WFI has approved for patient use. There are many other sperm banks available, and you may use them as long as you can provide us with documentation that they are accredited by the AATB or are licensed by the New York State Department of Health. We must receive this documentation and approve the sperm bank before we will use the sperm. If this documentation is not provided, we can only retain your samples in our laboratory for up to 3 weeks before returning them to the sperm bank. Please be aware that this policy is for your protection and for the protection of all other WFI patients; we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause you.

Make sure about the following:

Genetic testing: Choose a sperm donor that does not carry a silent abnormal copy of any genes. If he is a carrier, you can to be genetically tested to make sure you aren’t both carriers.

Infectious Disease Testing: Unless you know if you are immune to Cytomegalovirus (CMV) then you should choose a CMV negative donor. You will be ordering the washed or IUI prepared semen.

Patients who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term may be interested in utilizing a gestational carrier or surrogate. Carriers and surrogates can be known family members or friends, or they could be selected through an agency.

Although the terms seem interchangeable, a gestational carrier and a true surrogate are not one and the same. A gestational carrier carries a baby for the parents-to-be that was created using egg(s) from another woman. A true surrogate not only carries the baby, but also provides her own egg(s) to create the pregnancy. At Wisconsin Fertility Institute, we have many patients who are parents thanks to gestational carriers and true surrogates. If you are interested in either, please let us know.

Insurance Coverage

We accept insurance from dozens of providers (if your provider isn’t listed, please double check with us to see if they’ve been recently added). We also have a full-time insurance specialist on-staff to verify your coverage for you.

Financial Assistance

We have partnered with fertility financing organization — CapexMD — to provide financial assistance to patients looking to start or grow their family. Click below to learn more.

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