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Frequently Asked Questions – Intended Parents

Here are the answers to a few questions that patients who are interested in using egg donors often ask us. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 608-824-0075 to discuss.

I have had all my lab testing done. Now what do I do?

If your testing was completed at the Wisconsin Fertility Institute, we will contact you when the results are in and have you set up an appointment with one of the providers to discuss your specific treatment plan.   If your testing was done through your own health care provider, you will need to get your results sent or faxed to our office. Once we have received all of the records, we will contact you to set up your treatment plan visit.

I am currently taking medications. Should I continue them?

Review ALL medications with the donor coordinator or your physician. Many medications are ok to continue, but we do want to review everything you are taking.

When is day one of my menstrual cycle?

This can be difficult to know for some people, if they are spotting or bleeding stops and starts. Day one is considered the first day you see flow. Spotting does not count as flow. If you are not using a pad or tampon, then it is not day one yet. Do your best to pick which day you first notice flow and count that as day one.

What if my donor is rejected after her psychological or medical evaluation appointment? How are the donors compensated if they do not complete the cycle?

Our compensation is weighted so that there is incentive to complete the entire cycle.

Level of Completion                                                                        Percentage Payment

Completion of cycle up to starting injections                                            5%

Completion of ovulation induction                                                            10%

Completion of Oocyte Retrieval                                                                  55%

Completion of post-operative check up                                                   100%

 I need a refill on one or more of my medications. What do I do?

When we call in your original prescription, we also call in several refills. Simply contact the pharmacy from where you received your original prescription and they will mail out more medications. Some pharmacies do not deliver on the weekends, so if you will need more medication on Saturday or Sunday, you should have it delivered by Friday.

After starting the Lupron, I started bleeding. Is this normal?

About ½ of the women taking Lupron will have bleeding like or less than a period. Continue with your Lupron and keep the next appointment you have scheduled.

  • What time of day should I take my medication?
  • Lupron: Take this in the mornings.
  • Oral Contraceptives: Once daily, same time each day
  • Progesterone: Twice daily and as consistent as possible.
  • Estrogen/Estrace: Twice daily and as consistent as possible.
  • Low dose aspirin: Once daily, same time each day.

I am not sure what the next step in my treatment is. What do the abbreviations on the patient portal stand for?

You may notice, on the flow sheet tab of the patient portal website, the medications are listed under abbreviations. Generally, these abbreviations stand for the type or category of drug, rather than the actual name of the drug. When we are talking about medications, we generally refer to the actual name of the drug. This key should help clarify:

  • GnRh Agonist: Lupron or Leuprolide
  • Estradiol: Estrogen or Estrace
  • QD: Once daily
  • BID: Twice daily, Every 12 hours
  • TID Three times a day, every 8 hours
  • PV: place the medication vaginally

Which medications should be refrigerated and which ones should be kept at room temperature? When do they expire?

Please see the Medication Storage Fact Sheet in your IVF folder for a complete listing of medications and instructions.

What about herbs, supplements, or over the counter medications?

Any medications besides the ones we are prescribing should be cleared by one of our staff. Please review all medications you take with us. Tylenol and Benadryl products are ok to use during the cycle. Ephedrine based medications should be avoided.

Are there limitations on sexual activity?

There is no evidence to suggest that restricting intercourse is helpful.