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At Wisconsin Fertility, we’re committed to providing a safe, comfortable environment as we guide you through the complex world of assisted reproduction. We invite you to explore the resources provided on this page — we’ve done our best to anticipate many of the questions that may be on your mind. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to set up your initial consultation with one of our expert fertility specialists. We’re looking forward to helping you build the family you’ve always hoped for.

For an overview, you can download:
Oocyte Cryopreservation Packet

Egg Freezing FAQs

If your testing was completed at the Wisconsin Fertility Institute, we will contact you when the results are in and have you set up an appointment with one of the providers to discuss your specific treatment plan. If your testing was done through your own health care provider, call us if you need our help getting the results sent or faxed to our office. Once we have received all of the records, we will contact you to set up your treatment plan visit.

This can be difficult to know for some people, if they are spotting or bleeding stops and starts. Day one is considered the first day you see flow. Spotting does not count as flow. If you are not using a pad or tampon, then it is not day one yet. If you are unsure about what day counts as day one, call us!

When we call in your original prescription, we also call in several refills. Simply contact the pharmacy from where you received your original prescription and they will mail out more medications. Some pharmacies do not deliver on the weekends, so if you will need more medication on Saturday or Sunday, you should have it delivered by Friday. If you need help, feel free to call us.

When looking on the patient portal Flow Sheet tab, you will notice the medications are listed for each day you are to take them. You can look at the Patient Instructions tab to see when your next ultrasound and estrogen appointment should be scheduled. If you are still having trouble, call us!

  • Follistim/Gonal-f/Stimulation drugs: We usually prefer you take these in the afternoon/early evening.
  • Novarel: This is usually taken in the evening with the Follistim or Gonal F.
  • Omnitrope: This is also taken in the evening with the evening drugs.
  • Cetrotide/Ganirelix: This medication is taken in the mornings, make sure you take it within 30 minutes of your scheduled time each morning. You will still take this medication the day that you trigger with Lupron or Ovidrel in preparation for the egg retrieval.
  • Lupron/Ovidrel AS A TRIGGER: These medications should be taken at the precise time that we tell you. Your egg retrieval time is based on when you took the Lupron or Ovidrel, so taking it on time is important. If you take your Lupron or Ovidrel at another time than we indicated (by more than 15 minutes) please call us right away.
  • Doxycycline: Every 12 hours/twice daily with food.

Please see the Medication Storage Fact Sheet in your Egg Freezing folder for a complete listing of medications and instructions.

Any medications besides the ones we are prescribing should be cleared by one of our staff. Please review all medications you take with us. Tylenol and Benadryl products are ok to use during the cycle. Ephedrine based medications should be avoided.


Egg Freezing


  • 5 Ultrasounds
  • 5 Hormone Blood Tests
  • Egg Retrieval
  • Conscious Sedation
  • Cryopreservation (up to 6 eggs)
  • Storage of Frozen Eggs (for the first year)
  • Medication

Insurance Coverage

We accept insurance from Dean and Group Health Cooperative. We also have a full-time insurance specialist on-staff to verify your coverage for you.

Financial Assistance

We have partnered with fertility financing organization — CapexMD — to provide financial assistance to patients looking to start or grow their family. Click below to learn more.

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