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Frozen Sperm for Home Use

If you are considering using frozen sperm for home insemination, we strongly encourage you to use a sperm bank that will ship the sperm directly to your home.  Many banks provide that service.

If the Sperm Bank you are working with will not ship directly to your home or the sperm is already at Wisconsin Fertility Institute, the following steps will need to occur to ensure a smooth process.

  1. Call the receptionist to schedule a pick up time, at least 48 hours in advance of when you need to pick up the sperm.  Only certain staff has access to the cryopreserved semen and we want to ensure we will be able to assist you when needed.
  2. At your scheduled pick up time, bring the notarized consent form to release the semen sample to you.  We do have one staff member who is a Notary Public.  If you plan on using our staff as the Notary Public, you must confirm she will be here on the day you come in.  We will not release any sperm without the properly signed and notarized consent form.  One notarized consent form is necessary per cycle (i.e. month).
  3. There is a $150 fee, collected at the time you pick up the semen.  This fee is collected each time you pick up frozen sperm.  The fee is assessed per unique Donor ID #.  For example, if you pick up two vials of Donor # 2245, there is a $150 fee.  If you pick up one vial of Donor #2245 and one vial of Donor # 9965, the charge is $300.
  4. You must know your sperm donor # or ID to pick up the sperm.
  5. There may be a 30-45 minute wait when you arrive to pick up your sample, please be prepared for that possibility.